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Complex Environmental Services

EMSA-Ekosystem services in the field of enterprise environmental management are focused on the following:

  • Expert support of clients in the field of their environmental policies
  • Methodological management of client activities from the viewpoint of environmental protection in order to achieve and maintain compliance of their entrepreneurial activities portfolio with relevant legal and other requirements in the field of environmental protection
  • Outsourcing of the enterprise environmentalist position consisting in complete assuming of his/her duties and responsibilities for possible recourse on part of administrative bodies in the field of environmental protection
  • Elaboration of enterprise care concept of individual environmental components
  • Elaboration of internal regulations and procedures for the area of individual environmental components protection
  • Maintenance of environmental enterprise accounts in accordance with legislative requirements
  • Elaboration of plans of measures for events of accidents in the sense of the Water Act, and providing standpoints of relevant river basin administrators, administrators of small watercourses, and decisions of water management authorities
  • Elaboration of emergency documentation in the sense of the Serious Accident Prevention Act including object classification in the relevant group
  • Representation before administrative bodies in the field of environmental protection including participation in administrative procedures concerning environmental protection
  • Checking of new investment plans and projects from the viewpoint of general requirements, lawful regulations or legal, local and other requirements
  • Evaluation of the environmental protection management level in the company with proposals of environmental goals for future periods