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Waste Management

Services provided by EMSA-Ekosystem in the field of waste management:

  • Elaborating or update of waste management plans of the originator
  • Providing services of the waste manager
  • Waste samples taking in order to elaborate basic descriptions of the wastes; evaluation of their hazardous characteristics or monitoring their critical indicators
  • Evaluation of hazardous characteristics of wastes
  • Waste administration records maintenance and making of annual reports
  • Identification sheets of hazardous waste
  • Elaboration of fundamental descriptions of waste in the sense of Regulation No. 383/2001 Coll. or Regulation No. 294/2005 Coll.
  • Elaboration and update of operational documentation in waste management
  • Methodological help in waste classification, selection of suitable collecting or storage means and the way of their labelling in accordance with legislative requirements